Dr. Pulcinella Ruggero

Hysteroscopy of
Dr. Ruggero Pulcinella

Former Medical Director U.O. Of Obstetrics And Gynaecology San Donato Hospital Ausl N°8 Arezzo-Tuscany Region

Highly specialised in gynaecological endoscopic surgery

Adjunct Professor at the School of Specialisation in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, University of Perugia

On this site, women, gynaecologists and general practitioners can find up-to-date information on diagnostic hysteroscopy and hysteroscopic surgery. Relevant pathologies, operative techniques for dealing with them, instruments used, indications and contraindications, as well as associated benefits and risks are explained here. In addition, there are resources for learning this technique, including explanatory images and videos. There is also a section devoted to questions for experts, where you can get detailed answers. You will find information on the correct diagnostic and therapeutic pathway to solve problems, as well as details on the training school and planned initiatives for specialists interested in approaching or deepening their knowledge of this technique.

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Hysteroscopy by Dr. Pulcinella Ruggero

Some Testimonies

Infinite thanks to Dr. Pulcinella Ruggero for everything he did for me, after a few operations that did not go well I finally met an exceptional DOCTOR for me the number 1. Exemplary professional, attentive to everything, with a sensitivity and humanity for the moments you were experiencing that unfortunately one is not used to from doctors in general. A DOCTOR who loves his work and being able to help others. Happy to have had the good fortune to have known you, I will never stop thanking you.

Emanuela Carta

I performed the operative hysteroscopy with you, dear doctor, getting pregnant exactly one month after the removal of two endometrial polyps (in my case under sedation because it was painful, both for the polyps and for a very retroverted uterus). What can I say... I couldn't have been in better hands! She is an exceptional professional and an incredibly human person and will always have an exceptional and an incredibly human and will always have a special place in the group of Doctors, those with a capital D who love their profession and know they are dealing with Human Beings, not numbers!

Barbara Biason

I would definitely recommend Dr. Pulcinella! Thanks to him and his interventions, I am now holding a beautiful baby boy in my arms, which would not have been possible without him because of a congenital problem I had. He solved a situation that few would have tackled given its complexity. Besides his professionalism, I also praise his human side, always gentle and kind. Thank you very much doctor, I will continue to thank you forever.

Carlotta Governi

Professionalism in person! From Bolzano to him. Thank you

Valentina Trovato

He has been my gynaecologist since 2007, very good, professional and also a person who makes me feel at ease. I have had two diagnostic and two operative hysterescopies with him and he will be my trusted gynaecologist for as long as I need him.

Giuseppa Bigattini

I travelled 400 km to go to him for a hysteroscopy... the first one in my life! I was very scared but the doctor was very good, I felt almost nothing and above all he eliminated with an incredible manual skill the problem of my sinechia which had been keeping me from sleeping for days! Available and professional. If it weren't for the distance I would want him as my gynaecologist. Highly recommended!

Cristina Maggiani

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